We are NÜMPH; driven by the will and desire to create a whimsical and colorful brand, which add that extra dimension to your wardrobe. Those items that embrace your personality and put you in the spotlight when you make an entrance..


Make up entrance

By playing with shapes, details and hand-drawn prints, we create the NÜMPH collections. We design clothes for the optimistic, strong and independent woman, who draws attention by means of her own personal style.


We live out the NÜMPH energy by pouring our hearts and passion into the products, the brand and everything in between, like all nymphs, who are strong as giants and vulnerable as angels, because their hearts are in every move they make. NÜMPH embraces our dreams, personalities and creativity: the whimsical and stringent, the feminine and cool. The vulnerable and strong. We dare to live out our dreams and ideas, because we trust our own creativity, competences and the synergy between us. We are NÜMPH.

Every adhoc item is characterized not only by carefully selected materials and a high quality manufacturing, but also and more importantly by the commitment and passion of those who conceive, create and bring our products to life.
Someone who owns an adhoc garment is often a customer who was looking for something ad hoc for a particular situation and ended up with a product made ad hoc for him.