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Bibav Showroom is a Master Agency crafted on human value. Our hands-on experience and passion for fashion are key to our client satisfaction and success.


With showrooms in Barcelona and Bilbao, Bibav works with an extensive network of agents throughout Spain and Andorra. Our strategy focuses on brand development, implementation and growth.

Not only do we provide service and advice to our clients, but we also work closely with the brands in order to develop the product and adapt it to the market. We offer a prompt and flexible intermediary service between our brands, commercial agents and multi-brand stores. We see ourselves as a well-rounded fashion service operator with a focus on long term alliances within our action markets.

With over 800 selling points and 20 commercial agents within our Country Management area, our services for brands include:

  • Market analysis
  • Business opportunity assessment
  • Large account management (department stores, online stores, etc.)
  • Customer and back-office services
  • Payment follow-up
  • Brand support and guidance at international trade shows and marketing events 

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Sales Managers

Customer Service