It currently holds a leading position in the field of women’s fashion, with 100 branded stores both in Greece and abroad and more than 200 multi brand stores where the brand is available.


was founded in 1980 and soon established an active presence in the production and trade of women’s clothing.


In the latest years, BSB has been investing in the international markets. Today it has a strong presence in 12 countries (Greece, Romania, Turkey, Great Britain, Russia, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Armenia, Albania, Egypt and Moldova).Lately the company has entered dynamically the field of accessories, footwear, underwear and bathing suits, creating a total look for women. Since 2002, the company has the exclusive license to design and manufacture the clothes for the famous English brand Forever Friends. In 2007, in cooperation with AMVIS company, BSB launched an innovative range of eyeglasses and sunglasses that is available in optical stores as well as in selected BSB shops.In addition, in early 2008 BSB became the first company that created a new range of ecological and environmentally friendly products made of 100% organic cotton.

The undoubted quality of the end product, a result of the high standards set by BSB, in conjunction with the design and the flexibility in production are the fundamental elements of the brand’s excellence. These are the key points for the infiltration and establishment of the brand in a strong competitive environment in which BSB already holds a dominant position. The company’s development is based on the experienced and highly skilled staff in every sector of activity. BSB currently employs 250 permanent employees and more than 300 persons in the franchise stores. The BSB staff is trained and informed on an ongoing basis, since it is an important chapter for the company.