The oriental and western street culture brand THE BRAND The goal of MWM is to break the boundaries of traditional style 15 YEARS One of the most respected brands in the world of design in Asia.

Mod Wave Movement

Three important factors make our brand stand out


The first one is that we have our own factory, which allows us to reach the quality standards we aim for. The second one is that we work daily in the design of new prototypes. This way we can rapidly react to new trend demands. The result: 4 collections per year in two sales periods (July to September and January to March).

Our main influences originate from Canadian streetwear and the Japanese urban hustle and bustle. We are passionate about streetwear because of its ever changing nature and constant evolution.

That’s what we seek to reflect in our garments and accessories. We want to embody a modern, creative and youthful lifestyle. Most of the pieces we make are unisex because we do not want to impose limitations on individual expression. We want our brand followers, young men and women, to feel free when projecting their image towards society. We want our clothes to be an extension of their personality.
We look for a striking, groundbreaking style so that you always wear the latest trend. We want you to stand out from the crowd and get all eyes fixed on you.